About Us

Our business has been in operation since 2005. During that time we’ve developed an exceptional reputation for safety, honesty and reliability. Having had several years experience in the industry prior to starting 2K Container Services Managing Director Keith Kimmins realized there was a lack of professionalism in the industry and set out to create a service that would become the benchmark in the container services industry.

Our values are focused around the core principles of honesty, safety, reliability and transparency. Our client reporting, training and operational systems have been designed with each of these principals in mind.

Keith’s vision for the future is to expand the 2K container services offer nationally while continuing to set the benchmark for service, safety and professionalism.

With the combination of our No Demurage Guarantee, Safety Quadrant System, customised client reporting systems and our Web based Organisational Manager no other container labour provider comes close to 2k Container Services levels of professionalism and value.