Case Studies

Dats approached us in 2006 to take over their devanning needs. They had previously employed the services of a labour hire agency and were not completely satisfied with the level of service that they were receiving. The biggest problems they were experiencing was that the employees the labour hire agencies were sending them were different from day to day, some of the employees were not fit or physically capable to undertake such physically demanding work and there was no urgency from the employees to adhere to deadlines.

Once we took over the devanning duties at Dats a site leader was appointed and he ran the day-to-day operations on site. The site leader was allocated a team and it was his job to keep his team motivated so that deadlines were adhered to and work was carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

By having a site leader and a team that understood the products being unloaded from the containers and adhered to deadlines allowed Dats to significantly increase the volume of stock coming into their distribution centre.


Deals Direct is a fast growing internet-based company that has become the largest online only retailer in Australia. When we first took over devanning operations in 2006 the company was just beginning it’s swift rise to the top, so they needed a service that was going to be able to accommodate the growth, which meant increases in volume coming into their distribution centre. They also needed us to be flexible as the products they were importing were constantly evolving to meet market needs and trends.

By having a site leader and core team present on site we have been able to get a strong grasp of their products and packing specifications. This has also allowed us to build a strong rapport with warehouse management and staff ensuring both parties work closely together to make sure products are treated with care and are packed according to specifications allowing greater consistency.


24 Hour Transport is a family owned business run by two brothers. They had approached us about unloading some containers loaded with alcohol. Initially they were using their own employees to unload these containers but found that their employees were overwhelmed as they were required to pick orders, load trucks and unload trucks.

We initially sent a crew out to their site for a trial and the owners were impressed with how fast, safe and accurate our employees were devanning their containers. Since then we haven’t looked back. Since 2K took over their devanning needs the company has been able to cope with higher volumes entering and leaving their distribution centre. Their employees have also been freed up to concentrate on more pressing issues within their business.


BBQs Galore enlisted our services earlier this year to take over their devanning services. Previously their own employees were unloading all their containers internally. With a change in management came a change in business structure and management thought it would be more efficient to enlist our services so their employees could concentrate more on the day to day running of the distribution centre.

The challenge we were faced with was that the products we had to unload were fairly heavy, bulky and quite expensive. Our first step of action was to appoint a site leader who would liaise with management and warehouse staff about how they wanted their products packed and handled. From there we put together a team of employees who were physically capable of carrying out the work required. Lines of communications were also set up so that if there was an increase in volume we were able to send out an adequate number of employees to cater to the workload, ensuring all work was carried out safely and adhered to set deadlines.


Toll In2Store approached us to devanne some tricky containers they were going to be receiving. Their client, Mothercare, was opening stores in Australia and were importing stock in containers. The stock being imported was not being packed in any particular order and all stock was mixed throughout the container. Some of these containers contained anything from 30-250 SKUs. These containers proved to be very tricky and time consuming.

We appointed a site leader and one other employee to take on these difficult containers. By only having the 2 employees working on these containers we were able to make the process more efficient as we found that having too many employees working on these containers only added to the confusion. Our employees quickly figured out the most efficient and effective methods to unpack such difficult containers and administered them allowing us to unpack the containers accurately and efficiently. By customizing our invoicing we were able to charge Toll fair and accurate so that we were compensated for extremely difficult and time-consuming containers.