Unpack/pack containers

2K Container Services specialise in packing and unpacking containers. We have experience in handling: clothing, Manchester, furniture, electrical goods, white goods, tools, toys, food, cleaning products, baby goods. We are flexible to the needs of our clients so there is always a solution to their requirements.

Truck unloading

We service clients who need trucks unloaded. We provide efficient and safe services to ensure trucks spend minimal time waiting for their stock to be unloaded. Allowing a smooth, safe and efficient running of the distribution centre.

Forklift driving/warehouse machinery

Our team members are trained to operate forklifts safely and efficiently. They are trained to use slip sheet attachments and various other attachments allowing our staff to be versatile to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our unique, online personnel management system allows us to keep track of employee training and certification. This guarantees our clients ‘peace of mind’ knowing that all safety aspects are being adhered to.

Label stock

2K Container Services have staff trained to label stock for clients. This is extremely important for customers who have high volumes of cross stock being unloaded from their containers as it eliminates the possibility of double handling. Thus streamlining their operation so stock is ready to be sorted and sent to their final destinations in one easy operation.

Pallet wrapping

Our team members will pallet wrap your stock for you so that loads are stable and able to be moved with ease and safety.

Custom packing configuration

Because every client has different packing specifications our team can configure your pallets to suit your exact needs. This allows maximum use of the pallet so there is no waste issue, allowing customers to fully utilise the optimum space available to them within their distribution centres.